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Global Art of Wellness helps you regain your Power to heal and be in Oneness with your own body, mind and spirit

           REMOVE ~  REPLENISH ~ RESTORE           

Removing the toxic elements, replenishing lost nutrients and rebuilding the Immune System is the way to health and longevity.

  • How is this done?
  • Where do we begin?
  • What is entailed?

In my 35 years of experience claiming back my health and in assisting others, I have realized the crucial need to clean up the water, the salts, the sugars and the oils, we ingest. 

As you know, we are mostly water. Our electrolyte balance depends on potassium and sodium. Energy is regulated by blood sugar.  Brain, nerve and hormone function depend on good oils.

These elements have been de-natured, stripped of life force energy and chemicalized, creating imbalances in the body contributing to dis-function, dis-ease and disease.

We need:

  • Pure Water - Spring and or live purified water in glass not plastic containers.To read more about PURE WATER, feel free to download this article in pdf.

         "The Importance of Water and Human Health"

  • Correct Salts - Potassium Chloride (Now Brand 8 oz powder) and Biological Sodium (Celtic Sea Salt) These are essential for cell function and Electrolyte Balance. To learn more about Correct Salts, feel free to download these articles in pdf.

         "The Importance of Unrefined Salts"

           "Potassium and Deficiencies"

         "Potassium Chloride Connection"

         "Potassium - Louise Tenney"

         "The Greatest Health Discovery"

  • Correct Sugars - Xylitol (pure grade) Essential for body and cell function. To learn more about Correct Sugars, feel free to download these articles in pdf.

        "What is Xylitol?"

            " Xylitol Is ..."

  • Essential Oils - of high quality such as Coconut Oil, Krill Oil. To learn more about Krill Oil and Coconut Oil, feel free to download these articles in pdf.

        "Krill Oil - Do you Know Why Krill is your Best
        and Most Sustainable Source of Omega-3

        "Coconut Oil"

Products of the best quality that help remove the toxins, replenish nutrients and restore the Immune System. 

We've included our "ReCharge Drink" recipe for anyone who wants a great pick me up health drink to use anytime. Feel free to print or download in pdf.

The body supplied with what it needs and when in balance will heal itself.

This takes faith, persistence and a desire to live fully.

We are here to assist you with the best out there that we have found.

See  more great health and wellness suggestions on our Product suggestion page.

We suggest a program, customized for you.

Daily faithfulness and commitment has proven to bring results for health and longevity.

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